Dental Aesthetics
Tummy Tuck

The dentists and dental aesthetics team consists of experts with many years of practical experience in various cosmetic dental treatments. A treatment plan will be discussed with you for all procedures that will clearly show you the way to the smile you want. Our experts will discuss your individual dental situation in detail as well as evaluate any necessary dental health procedures.

Regardless of the type and scope of dental aesthetics, you can expect the following services from us:

* Using modern diagnostic technology, our dental specialists first get an overview of the condition of your teeth and chewing apparatus. According to the results, the material and scope of the planned dental aesthetics can be determined precisely.

* Thanks to the latest imaging technology, we can simulate the desired result on the computer. Here you already get the first impression of the smile you want and can make changes and adjustments or discuss more options with the therapist beforehand.

* We always inform you comprehensively about the possible risks and side effects of dental aesthetics. If your dentition contraindicates the desired procedures, we will work with you to find a gentle alternative.

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