Ear correction (otopexy)
Ear correction (otopexy)

The ear application or ear correction of sail ears simply ends the suffering of all those who suffer from ears that protrude too far. Otopexy is now a routine procedure performed regularly by plastic surgeon and aesthetic surgeons in beauty clinics. The operation can already be performed in childhood (from 6 years), but is also suitable for adolescents and adults. The ear surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis. Adults receive a local anaesthetic and are put into twilight sleep. Only children are operated on under general anesthesia. The treatment lasts between 1 and 2 hours. The regeneration time is usually between 2 and 4 weeks.

When does one speak of sail ears?

That our ears protrude is perfectly normal. It is also important that there are no health problems associated with sail ears. Hearing has nothing to do with more or less protruding ears. Also the sense of balance is not affected. Sail ears are generally spoken of when the angle between ear and head is 30 degrees or more. If you find it difficult to measure degrees, simply measure the distance between the ear and the head. This should not be greater than 2 cm at the widest point.

What is the procedure of the earplasty?

The exact procedure of the ear surgery depends on the individual requirements of the patient. The main aim is to correct the anthelix wrinkle and/or concha responsible for the malformation. If the anthelix fold is missing, it is placed behind the ear through a scar-saving incision. The tension of the cartilage is weakened by grinding or cutting methods, so that it lies backwards and a wrinkle develops. Finally, the newly formed anthelix is fixed with sutures. In the case of a thickened or protruding concha, the cartilage is reduced in size according to the desired aesthetic-symmetrical specification and later also fixed with sutures.

Risks of ear contact

Otopexy is considered a safe operation and usually proceeds without complications. Immediately after the operation, swollen and bluish discoloured ears are to be expected. Also a numbness of the ears is completely normal over a period of 1 week after the operation. Only in rare and exceptional cases do persistent secondary bleeding, severe scarring or inflammation occur.

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