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Too large a bust creates physical as well as psychological problems for many of those affected: You are constantly asked about your large bust, you simply don’t want to endure these conversations and glances anymore or you have severe back problems.

A breast reduction is the ideal way to solve your breast problem in an elegant way. With a breast reduction you first alleviate the physical problems of a too large breast. As a rule, many other problems will be permanently solved because you will feel self-confident and in harmony with your body again.

ATTENTION: Everyone is unique. This means that the treatment process, planning and outcomes can be different for you. The information you see here is the averages encountered in a large sample size. For details please contact us via WhatsApp:  +90 542 475 41 10

When does breast reduction make sense?

There can be many reasons why you would like to reduce your breast. Many women with very large breasts feel affected by their large bust in everyday life. Often too large breasts are annoying during sports or are a hindrance in everyday life because they do not fit the proportions of the rest of the body. In addition, women with very large breasts often complain:

*Pain and tension in the shoulder and neck area
*headaches or even migraine attacks
*postural deformities which have a negative effect on the health of the spinal column
*Cord furrows on shoulders and back due to tight-fitting brassieres
*Dermatological problems on the skin of the lower breast crease
*Sensory disturbances in the hands

In addition to the physical impairments that come with very large breasts, psychological stress is also a reason for many women to undergo mamma reduction. The feeling of being constantly stared at and mocked because of the large breasts leads in many cases to the fact that the women do not feel well in their bodies and are accordingly inhibited and unhappy. Breast reduction is often the best way to accept one’s own body again.

Examination and mammography before breast surgery

In addition to a conversation, your breast will be carefully examined before a breast reduction. We will also ensure that your overall health permits the procedure. For patients over 40 years of age, mammography and breast sonography are also performed.

How does breast reduction work?

Breast reduction always takes the form of an operation. The surgeon removes excess glandular, fatty and skin tissue from the lower part of the breasts. From the remaining parts of the glandular tissue he then forms a new breast according to the wishes previously discussed with the patient.

As with a breast lift, mammary reduction is performed using various incision techniques, of which the trained surgeons at the hospital mainly use this technique:

T-cut: Here the surgeon cuts around the areola and vertically up to the lower breast fold. In the breast fold, this vertical incision is connected with a transverse incision – an inverted T results.
If necessary, the nipple and the associated nerves are also moved during breast reduction surgery. In order to drain accumulated blood directly from the wound, the attending physician also makes a drainage. This is removed a few days after the operation.

Anaesthesia and duration of surgery

A breast reduction is performed during an operation under general anesthesia. The length of the operation depends on the amount of tissue to be removed. As a rule, it takes two to three hours.

Healing process after breast surgery

After cosmetic surgery such as breast reduction, bleeding, pain and bruising can occur in the affected areas. These after-effects are completely normal and disappear after a few days. Medication with painkillers can help to relieve the pain.
To prevent the formation of blood clots under the skin and to ensure the result of the operation, the surgeon applies a pressure bandage after the operation. In addition, the patient receives a special bra that stabilizes the breasts.
Sensory disturbances in the nipples are one of the expected after-effects of breast reduction. These can be either hypersensitive or almost deaf. In most cases, however, the sensitivity regulates again after a certain time.

Behaviour after breast reduction

The special bra applied after breast reduction should be worn day and night during the first three weeks after the operation. In the following three weeks you should also wear it at least during the day. In this way you support the healing process and minimise potential risks.
You should also sleep on your back and not exercise. All activities involving upper arms, shoulder girdle and chest muscles should be avoided during the first six weeks after breast reduction.

How you can support the healing process

After a breast reduction you should take enough time for regeneration. A cosmetic surgery like this is a heavy burden for the body. In order to best support wound healing and ultimately the outcome of the operation, we recommend that you enjoy as much rest as possible at least two weeks after the operation.

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