Butt Aesthetics
Tummy Tuck

Of course, the definition of beauty varies according to everyone, but there are some recipes that are generally preferred in butt beauty. The size of the butt is proportional to the body and hips, it is sufficiently prominent when viewed from the side, and it has a smooth round appearance. The butt is shaped using different techniques depending on the need. This method has become widespread all over the world under the name  Brazilian Butt Lift 

How to Do Butt Aesthetics?

Butt aesthetics are aesthetic procedures performed with combined liposuction on the back and waist area. This operation, also known as Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), is preferred by those who want to have fuller, upright hips and a correct body profile. In buttock aesthetics, the person's own fat is used to shape the hip, so the result is extremely natural. If there is not enough fat in the patient's body, fillers are used.

The process performed to regain the lost volume of the butt by taking advantage of the regeneration capacity inside the fat cells is called Buttock Aesthetics with Fat Injection. Since no surgical incision is made in this procedure, no scar is left on the buttocks.

What is Buttock Aesthetics with Fat Injection?

The adipose tissue taken from the body is subjected to special processes in the laboratory, and a stem cell-rich liquid is obtained from the fats. It is injected into the hip area with the fat-stem cell junction. Fat removal is performed by liposuction. Centrifugation is used to enrich the oil from stem cells. The last step is to give the fat injection back to the buttocks. It's designed to fill the top of your hips so the butt stays lifted and protruding. It is performed in the form of local or general anesthesia. Surgery for hip aesthetics takes between two and four hours depending on the condition of the procedure. & Nbsp;

Initial Recovery

After the operation, there may be bruising and swelling in the areas where fat was removed. Pain can be controlled with simple painkillers. Each patient's recovery process is different, usually within two days of standing up.

The surgeon asks the patient to wear a special compression garment to treat the areas where liposuction was applied after the surgery. It is recommended that the patient wear this garment for eight weeks to ensure that the area from which the fat was removed has healed properly. This method is also used to reduce discomfort, keep swelling to a minimum, and help the skin collect. The back of the compression garment is usually cut off so that the garment does not interfere with permanent fat grafting. After a period of 3 weeks, patients can do light sports other than running. After six weeks, all kinds of activities can be done.

Is Oil Injection Permanent?

Approximately 1 - & nbsp; The possibility of losing some of the adipose tissue after 1 and a half years is the biggest problem regarding the permanence of the fat injection. Permanence of fat injection is ensured by stem cell application. With some modern techniques developed in studies on fat injection, the permanence of fat cells has been increased. 

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